How to Set Social Media Goals

This is the time of year when everybody’s thinking about goal-setting, whether it’s personal New Year’s Resolutions or business goals for the new calendar year. But have you set goals for your social media?

Even in business, setting social media goals often gets forgotten. But having specific goals for your social media is important. Why? Keep reading.

Why should you have goals?

Goals drive you to accomplish things. Goals motivate you and also help you see the overarching vision. They also give you a very rewarding sense of completion and pride when you accomplish them. Basically, setting a goal is doing something with intention – instead of just letting whatever happens happen (which usually means not a lot is going to happen), you’re taking charge, getting out there, and making good things happen.

How do you set social media goals?

You can set social media goals just like any other kind of business goal. I’m sure you’ve heard of the SMART goal-setting model – goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-based, and Time-bound. A good social media goal will follow a similar model. “Grow my social media” is not a good goal; “Double my Instagram followers by 2019” is a good goal.

If you’re not familiar with goal-setting strategies or just want some extra advice, I recommend this article.

What goals should you set?

If you’re new on the social media scene, haven’t seen a lot of growth yet, or just aren’t sure what you should do, here are some suggestions. Pick two or three – don’t try to go after everything, you’ll overwhelm yourself and accomplish nothing.

  • Follower increase by X amount (e.g. “Increase likes on my Facebook page by 50%”)
  • Engagement rate increase (e.g. “Double my average number of engagements on Twitter per week”)
  • Posting goals (e.g. “Post on Instagram every Tuesday,” “Post every new blog post on Facebook”)
  • Conversion increase (e.g. “Get 15 clients from social media,” “Covert 4 social media followers to email subscribers per month”)
  • Increase your engagement (e.g. “Get involved in two relevant conversations on Google+ per month”)
  • Educate yourself (e.g. “Read one article about X social media topic per week”) and apply that knowledge (e.g. “Implement one new social media tool or strategy per month”)

A final tip …

Write them down! A goal in your head is easily ignored or forgotten. A goal on paper (or in your phone or on your computer) is a lot more powerful. Put it somewhere you can see it or intentionally take time to review it every week, and you will be much more likely to accomplish it.


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