Why You Should Add Video To Your Social Media Mix

If you follow me on social media at all, you probably saw Tuesday’s video talking about using video on social media. In that video, I mentioned that video was huge in 2017 and is only going to get bigger in 2018. Today I’m going to dig into specifics and give you some cold hard numbers for why you should be using video on social media.

This is going to be a shorter post, because there’s some really impressive numbers that make the point a lot better than I could with a lot of words. So, without further adieu, here are some of the most relevant numbers regarding why you should be posting videos.

Also, video helps build trust with your customers. Video is engaging and has the potential to involve emotions – combine that with useful and valuable content, and you have a recipe for both engage and trusting customers.

In short, video gets you results. All kinds of results. It doesn’t mater what kind of results you’re looking for, video can get you there.

I’m going to spend this month focusing on video. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see the videos I’ll be posting about social video, and stay tuned for written articles on this blog!

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