5 Types of Videos to Use in Your Social Media Marketing

I’ve spent most of “video month” focusing on the how (and a little bit of the why) of making videos to post on social media. Now it’s time to answer the question I know I’ve asked myself a lot – what? What kind of videos should I post?

Here are a few ideas for the types of videos you can create and post on social media.

Instructional videos

Short instructional videos are interesting and can be fun to watch, making them a safe bet. And you can get an instructional video or two out of almost anything. Food product? Instructions for a simple recipe. Anything that requires assembly? Assembly instructions. Home decor item? Instructions for styling or displaying it. You get the idea.

Long format

If you have a complex product or an in-depth service, try a longer (10+ minutes) video. Most people are in a hurry to skip a 30-second ad, but if your long video is engaging, statistics show that they will watch for 20 minutes or more. These are especially good for YouTube if you have a channel, but they can also be very successful on other networks.


If you have a big announcement to make, do it in video! It will be more engaging for your audience and also easier to show how excited you are about it.


Invite your audience to submit questions and then do a video Q&A session. This could be general company questions or questions for a specific person/people (e.g. the CEO).

Customer service

Get the same question over and over from potential customers? Have a problem that people keep running into over and over? Something that you want customers to know before (or after) they buy? Video can be a great way to answer those questions. And as a bonus, not only can you post them on social media, when you get those questions, you can tell the customer, “That’s a great question, we actually have a video answering that!”

And more

Obviously, there are a lot more types of videos you can do. See what some of your favorite brands are doing, or use Google to find inspiration. A lot of figuring out what works for your brand is going to be experimenting. Post all different kinds of videos and see what your audience likes best!

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