How to Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s robust system for analyzing the data connected to your website. It tracks website visitors, traffic sources, visitor behavior, and more. If your business is data-driven in any way (and we’ve never encountered a business that wasn’t), you need data on your website’s performance just as much as you need data onContinue reading “How to Use Google Analytics”


How to Find and Use Twitter Analytics

When it comes to social media, Twitter is a classic. One of the oldest social networks, this fast-paced microblogging site has 335 million monthly active users. Because Twitter moves so quickly, it can be hard to identify which tweets are doing well and how your account is doing overall. That’s where analytics comes in. SoContinue reading “How to Find and Use Twitter Analytics”

How to Find and Use Instagram Analytics

Instagram is a hugely popular social media network, especially with the Millennials and younger group. Instagram’s analytics aren’t hard to use, and they can help inform your posting strategy. So let’s take a look. How to Find Instagram Analytics Instagram analytics are actually really easy to find. Open the Instagram app and go to yourContinue reading “How to Find and Use Instagram Analytics”

How to Find and Use Facebook Analytics

Despite its recent data scandal, Facebook is still a major social network (and one we recommend to everyone who’s just getting started with their social media presence). So it’s only fitting that the first network we dive into specifics of be Facebook. How to Find Facebook Analytics Finding Facebook page analytics is actually really easy.Continue reading “How to Find and Use Facebook Analytics”

Why Should You Use Social Media Analytics?

Perhaps the better question is, what is the value of all those numbers? The answer is that they can be very valuable, you just have to know what to do with them. And the good news is that you don’t have to be a numbers person to be able to use analytics. We’ll be talkingContinue reading “Why Should You Use Social Media Analytics?”