How to Find and Use Facebook Analytics

Despite its recent data scandal, Facebook is still a major social network (and one we recommend to everyone who’s just getting started with their social media presence). So it’s only fitting that the first network we dive into specifics of be Facebook. How to Find Facebook Analytics Finding Facebook page analytics is actually really easy.Continue reading “How to Find and Use Facebook Analytics”


Where Is Facebook Heading? An End-of-Year Reflection

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time to do some predicting of the direction of social media marketing and what will be successful in 2018. All of my December blog posts are going to be focused on trends and predictions for the coming year. Starting today with a social media giant: Facebook.Continue reading “Where Is Facebook Heading? An End-of-Year Reflection”

Are Facebook Pages Still Relevant in 2017?

You may have heard rumors of the decline of Facebook for business – that pages aren’t useful anymore and that likes mean nothing (or very little). But even if you haven’t, you may have doubts about putting effort into the social media giant. After all, it’s 13 years old, it doesn’t have a very specializedContinue reading “Are Facebook Pages Still Relevant in 2017?”