Ely Social offers a wide variety of services to ensure we can help your business find success online. Explore our most popular and most-requested services and see what fits your business needs.

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Social Media Services

Whether you want some tips for your existing social media presence, want to outsource social media management so you can focus on running your business, or have decided it’s time to start taking advantage of social media’s opportunities, we can help.

Profile Creation
Creating a business page or profile on a social media network, adding a profile image and banner/header image, filling in available information, adding basic content as needed, and providing access or ownership of the profile.

Profile Audit and Revision
Auditing an existing social media profile, updating outdated information, revising existing content as needed, and providing suggestions and next steps.

Posts and Post Management
Social media posts for a given network, including visual assets, copy, and UTM parameters for link as needed. This can either be providing individual posts or managing social media posting for a specified time period or on an ongoing basis.

Community and Engagement Management
Monitoring engagement (comments, likes, shares) on a given social media profile, responding to comments, and responding to direct messages or forwarding them to the appropriate person.

Creating ads or promoted/paid posts on a social media network (including creating copy or assets as needed), targeting audiences, setting KPIs, tracking ROI, and managing promotions and campaigns until completed.

Social media networks served: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Nextdoor

Digital Marketing Services

Social media isn’t the only place to advertise on the internet, and Ely Social can help you market your business everywhere online.

Email Marketing
As simple as writing and sending a single email, or as complex as planning, mapping, and executing an automatic email drip campaign. Includes email writing and design and subject line writing, as well as campaign development, troubleshooting, and management, if needed.

Search Engine Marketing
Managing advertising campaigns on Google search ads, including keyword targeting, writing advertising copy, setting up campaign, tracking results, and managing campaign to completion.

Digital Advertising
Creating advertising campaigns across other websites, including determining sites to target, designing ads to meet specifications, purchasing ad spots, tracking results, and managing campaign to completion.

Content Creation and Design Services

Providing new and updated content and designs goes a long way towards driving interest in your business, and Ely Social is happy to provide content of all kinds.

Blog Post Writing
Writing a blog post for your company blog, including SEO optimization for a relevant keyword, relevant internal and external links as necessary, and images and graphics as needed for main post image and within the post.

Graphic Design
Designing visual or media assets of all kinds. Examples: Business cards, postcards, website banners, blog images, social media graphics, social media profile or header images, infographics, posters, mailings, advertisements.

Writing advertising and promotional copy to encourage customer actions, such as product descriptions, ad copy, bios and “about” pages, and marketing email text.

Copy Editing
Editing existing copy for style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, word use, writing strength, and best practices of the copy’s medium.

Writing long-form content, such as ebooks and whitepapers, which are then provided with no author credit so you or your business can claim authorship.

Website Services

Whether you don’t have a website yet, you want someone to update and manage your existing website, or your website is just one part of a larger digital marketing strategy, we offer a variety of services to help your online foundation represent your business in the best light possible.

Website Building
Building a website from scratch, including domain registration, hosting management, back-end set-up, design development and modification, optimization for accessibility and easy search engine crawling, and adding information, content, and images to the website.

The One-Day Website
A perfect option for a business that needs a simple website for a simple price. Over the course of one day, we will work together to create a simple single-page website for your business, including sections for important information.

Website Updates
Making modifications to an existing website, including updating outdated information, updating content and images as needed, creating new pages and/or adding new content as needed, and performing all back-end updates and development modifications necessary.

Website Management
Website updates on an ongoing basis. Updating information, content, and images, creating and modifying pages and design, and performing all back-end updates and development modifications regularly, as well as troubleshooting new issues or errors.

Search Engine Optimization
Optimizing your website for determined keyword or keywords to improve ranking on Google and other search engines without paying for search engine advertising.

Other Services

Our offerings that don’t fall under other categories, but still provide benefits for businesses who need them.

Creating and defining a brand identity and branding guidelines to make future decisions and to provide to future contractors and employees to keep all assets consistent.

Launch Campaigns
Planning, developing, managing, and executing a multi-channel campaign designed to promote a launch of a product, service, training, website, or other offering.

Strategy and Planning
Working with you to examine your business’ current efforts, strategizing ways to improve current efforts, new avenues to target, and wasted efforts to eliminate, and developing a plan for moving forward. This can be done on its own or in conjunction with other services to execute the plan.

Competitor Research
Examining competitors’ websites and/or social media presences, providing a report on their activities and successes, and providing recommendations for imitating their successes and improving on their limitations.


Our goal is to work with you to meet your needs, not to keep you locked into our services forever. If you prefer to learn how to do it yourself, we’re happy to teach you!

Social Media Management Training
Topics covered: Foundational concepts and key terminology of a given social media network, navigating the website and the app, setting up and managing your profile or page, posting content, modifying or deleting content, managing engagement, monitoring analytics and other data, other topics by request.

Website Training
Topics covered: Foundational concepts and key terminology, accessing and navigating the “back end” of the website, making changes to existing content, adding new content, making necessary updates, basic security concerns, other topics by request.

Technology Training
This widely varied training can cover any technology-related topics needed, including basic use of iPhone and Android smartphones and Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops or laptops, account creation and setup, email management, photo management, cloud storage use and solutions, device security and online safety, using online services (e.g. online banking, online bill pay), desktop and mobile app management, basic hardware knowledge and setup, and many other topics by request.

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