Why Post Consistently?

I’ve spent most of this month giving you resources and tools to help you post consistently on social media. Posting consistently is one of the major reasons to have a content calendar, and it’s why I find scheduling tools so helpful. But now I want to take a step back and do something I probably should have done at the very beginning: talk about why consistency is so important.

So if you’ve had the idea that posting consistently is important without really knowing why, or if you’re confused why you even need the tools I’ve been posting about this month, here are 3 reasons why you should post consistently on social media.

1. Staying top of mind

When you post consistently, that puts you in front of your followers on a regular basis, which means you stay near the top of their minds. If they’re seeing your tweets about car buying every day and suddenly become in need of a new car, they’re more likely to think of you – and convert into a sale.

2. Wider reach/organic traffic

The more posts you have, the more chances you have for people to discover your social media accounts (and also your website and contact information). This can lead to more social follows (i.e. more people seeing your message) that could potentially convert, and Google even gives a small SEO boost to websites whose social media accounts have been recently active.

3. They know you’re in business

If I go to a company’s social media page and see they haven’t posted since June 2015, I assume they’re out of business. And if I see that they’ve only posted sporadically (three days in a row, then a two-month gap, then once a week for three weeks …), my automatic assumption is that they’re not organized, staffed, or funded enough to post regularly and therefore not organized, staffed, or funded enough to handle my business. Sporadic social media hurts your brand reputation. Consistent social media is good for it.

Conclusion: A case study

I spent two years as the social media specialist at a local Century 21 office (and helped them move from #2 in the United States to #1). Before I started, they posted sporadically, with posts every other day for a little bit, then large gaps. The first thing I did when I took over, even before I got into planning a strategy, was posting good information regularly – three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I didn’t have time to nail down a Facebook strategy for another year, but even with just a year of posting consistently, the page likes almost doubled. That’s just from regular posting – no strategy involved!

I’m not saying you don’t need a strategy. What I’m saying is that if you’re just starting out, or even if you’ve been working at it for a while but aren’t sure how to make a strategy, consistent posting can be your strategy while you’re learning how to develop and implement a more sophisticated strategy. Consistent posting works! (And if you have trouble with posting consistently, a content calendar and scheduling tools can help.)

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